"Feel Beautiful…"

Joanna Got Great Photos of Herself :-)

From Joanna:

So now that I’ve shared my wisdom with you about getting great photos of {you}, dear friends, its time to tell you how I got some great photos of {me}.

Let’s start with a random, not so great photo of me, shall we? This is a pretty standard snapshot, not the best lighting or angle, no editing. If you saw me walking down the street you would certainly not think “There’s a super model!” You’d probably think, “Oh my, someone needs to rescue that poor woman from her children and messy appearance.” Because on any given day I may be covered in spit up, snot, soggy Cheerios, dog hair, and sweat. It’s just my life right now. Can I hear an amen from the other mamas reading this?


I told ya I’m a cheesy smiler

But one day, while trolling Pinterest, I found this lovely photo (below) that inspired me.  So I thought that doing a retro session would be super awesome. Now I’m an ultra-super-duper-conservative chica. (I’m fairly certain Jenn thinks I’m Amish. Come on Jenn, be honest.) I am not anti-boudoir photos, but I wasn’t signing up for a boudoir session. While Jenn insisted I was going to do a pin up girl session, I was very unsure of that.


Is this ADORABLE or what? Image source here.

And then I started doing my research. (Ok, obviously I completed Part 1 by finding my dear Jenn as my photographer. On to Step 2.) When I looked up retro inspired pin up type photos, they weren’t all “Come and get it” photos  (like the boudoir photos), instead they were like “I’m beautiful and confident and strong. Boom.” And I knew that I could do that. I needed to do these photos. For me. For my husband. For my kids. So I did more research and practiced some poses and expressions. Then came the prep work. I painted my nails, I scrubbed my skin. I dyed my hair. Then the morning of the shoot, I went to the beauty salon and got my hair and makeup done.


Susan blew my mind with her mad hair skills and makeup skills. Just as I preached at you shared with you about hiring photography professionals who are excited about taking your photos and making you look wonderful, Susan was passionate about my hair and makeup. In fact, when I typically go to a salon to get my hair done, I can see the look on the hair stylist’s face and the attitude in their voice when they realize they have to fight with my huge mess of hair. But Susan gushed over my hair, and LOVED every minute of the challenge. Her work was outstanding, as you will see in my photos.

So….do you remember Step 3 in the process of getting great photos of yourself? Well, I didn’t at the beginning of my shoot! I was crazy nervous. Jenn laughed with me and worked her magic that always sets people at ease. Pretty soon I was having so much fun! And you can see that in my photos. I hope someday my kids can look at these photos and know that their Mama was an interesting and fun person in her 20’s. And bonus points if they think “Wow, that’s my mother! What a beautiful lady!” So without further ado, here’s a sneak peek at my great portraits!






What do you think? Let me know in the comments.


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