"Feel Beautiful"

A Young Widow Finds Out Other Life Changing News…


Join me as I share a look into a widow sister of mine, Jessica Sergeev’s journey tonight.

Why are we sharing stories? It gives you a look into the lives of our ladies here in Southern Illinois who will be directly blessed by your support of this project. We also want to reach out to other widows in the area. Let them know about our group. That we are there for them. Also to raise money for our chapter. It’s a non for profit national organization that we are apart of and financial support keeps us chaptered here in Southern Illinois.



“Ivan and I met at church in September 2010 and became friends. When I first met him I thought, who is this loud smiling Russian guy? I discovered later, that he radiated joy like I have never seen in anyone else.”
~ Jessica Sergeev



“In March 2011, Ivan asked me out. I couldn’t believe how thoughtful he was on our date nights. He would leave me notes and flowers on my car; quickly becoming the most romantic man I had ever known” ~ Jessica Sergeev



“In November 2011, Ivan asked me to marry him and I said yes!” ~ Jessica Sergeev

Jenn Fortune here… Jessica shared her proposal story with me. Ivan painted the picture you see above. How uniquely special is that? I love that she has it framed in her living room.



“We were married in October 2012, surrounded by family and friends. The day was absolutely perfect. Afterward my feet hurt from dancing and face hurt from smiling!”
~ Jessica Sergeev



“Our married life was simple and pleasant. We had dinners together, enjoyed game nights, loved our church group and we we’re in love.” ~ Jessica Sergeev



“…He would leave me notes and flowers on my car; quickly becoming the most romantic man I had ever known” ~ Jessica Sergeev



Jessica Sergeev’s story is heartbreaking and intense. Her journey in her words, giving us a look into her walk after her husband died.



“July 30, 2014 we went to church like every other Sunday, then Ivan went home while I went to lunch with a friend. At lunch I received a call from the paramedics, Ivan had had a stroke. From Carbondale hospital he was sent to Saint Louis University Hospital where he was cared for by an outstanding team of doctors, nurses and staff. Prayers were coming from all around the world. After a two week fight, Ivan was gone.”
~ Jessica Sergeev



“August 10, 2014 I packed up his things from around his room, the cards, the flowers, and his bag of belongings. I got in my car alone and drove back to Carbondale. I went straight to church and sat in the back. I really had nothing to say to God, but I knew it was where I needed to be. The rest of the week was a haze; I was in shock. How could God not heal Ivan? Little did I know, God was not done yet.” ~ Jessica Sergeev



“The Friday morning of the memorial service I was feeling sick. My first thought was that is was stress but I had a hunch it was more and took a pregnancy test. It was positive! I took another with the same results! God had given me the hope I needed at the exact moment I needed it.” ~ Jessica Sergeev



“I still don’t know why Ivan had to die at 26, or why I became a widow at 29, but I know God’s got a plan for me and my family. Ivan’s loud laugh, huge smile and beautiful joy carry on.” ~ Jessica Sergeev



“Modern Widow’s Club is a place where I have seen many women come up for air. When a new widow walks into a meeting and takes a deep breath, you can see this invisible burden lifted. Modern Widow’s Club is a place where we can gather together and support each other. Modern Widow’s Club has become a place for empowerment. Losing Ivan I felt so alone. I am so thankful to have this group of resilient ladies, who have lost so much, yet we all keep in going and growing.” ~ Jessica Sergeev

If you are interested in donating to Project Red Heal in support of “Jessica Sergeev” See donation instructions below. We will be having a party on January 13th with each photo taken on a Gallery Wall with an envelope underneath to see who raises the most money for our chapter! Come join us! Project Red Heal 2017

We would love for you to share about our Southern Illinois Modern Widows Club. Widows empowering each other to lean into life and move forward on the journey set before them.
Help us raise money to remain chaptered here in Southern Illinois and bless our widows and their children here in the area.

Here’s how to Donate,
Online at: www.JennFortune.com/RedHeal
Mail a check to: Jenn Fortune Photography, 115 East Illinois Ave, Ste 2, Carterville, IL 62918
Come to our Pre Launch Party! Click Here for Details: Project Red Heal 2017

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